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Meeting people
My boyfriend wants to join a gay club at our college but i do not want him to because I love my boyfriend and i don't want to share him and i'm afraid he might meet someone else that is better than me. What should I do? :confused:
If he loves you, and you love him that's all that should matter.
Trust is the key to any relationship, gay or straight.
Did he want you to join with him?
Though, I suck at advice... :|
No matter where you go and if you are still together in the future, there will be times that your bf will have to go out to work or socialise etc etc alone or at times with you together. Dont' be insecure about it all. Two things can happen here and that is that you both make some great friends and broaden your circle of friendship or yes, he might meet someone that he likes better than you and if he is that type, why would you want to be with someone like that or treats you like that. I really think he is just wanting to make more friends and to go out as a couple to a place that is accepting of you both. If he wanted to meet someone else, then he wouldn't take you with him. Relax and go out and enjoy. Confusedmile:
Clingy and needy relationships don't last.

Relationships based on trust and honesty last.

I'm just saying.
Why are you trying to control him? Do you think isolating him will make him love you more? It won't, it will make him dislike you and, eventually fear you.

You need to figure out what it is that makes you think you are inferior to anyone else and, fix that. (Usually it's simply lack of self confidence.) If it's because you don't trust him, then why are you together now?
In my opinion is a matter of your own self steem, be more confident at the end of the day the base of any relationship is trust, but when love is over there is nothing you can do, live the present and make the most of it, It´s difficult I know
dfiant Wrote:Clingy and needy relationships don't last.

Relationships based on trust and honesty last.

I'm just saying.

Quoted for truth.

Its just a LGBT club guy. Its not like he's going out to a nudie bar or trolling on Its a way to meet new people and get more involved with the gay community. Why don't you join it with him? That way it'll give you both something new to do together and possibly the chance to make new friends. Its win-win.
I would say trust him and trust yourself also - his with you for reason Wink
not be so insecure and grow something called trust... You have him as your partner not as your possession... If you dont show some support for his ambitions nand hobbies he will only grow to hate you... I think if something is ment to last it will just dont fret and be insecure about it and let him socialise because otherwise he could say ur going no where when u want and do u wanna b treated the way your treating him? ask yourself that x
he didn't ask me to join with him. but he does a lot of things, i saw in his email once a bunch of registering for porn sites and one of them was a hookup website. he deletes his history and does things when i'm sleeping and he deliberately walks away from me when i try to start something intimate. and when i first told him i loved him, he said it back but it didn't sound very confident if you know what i mean. i'm just scared is all. and i do have low self-confidence.

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