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New- relationship-scared of losing bf
I've been in the same position as you, but in my case I was terribly hurt. But don't worry, see how things pan out every relationship is different. Just enjoy your time with him and try not to worry.
perhaps you are just what he needs your not a fashon model well most of them get so tied in themselves
and the prety people they are mostly plastic and he sees you as a real person and just what he needs to balance his life. I understand your self esteem may not be up
where it should be because of the other hartbrake that your not exactly why. but i always tryed to accept any gift like your being offered
with joy if your woried hold back till you are more sure just enough you feel safe not to be totaly devostated if something happend if you dwell on that you may make it happen just try to go with the flow he may look to the future and you are someone he could be happy with forty years from now
and feels your the right one for him. when your with him you send off signals thst he feels and likes
just be open with him and he will be open with you. He may feel since it is medicen you studying that you set a gole and work toward it and think in the long term and likes that much better than a model who no one knows what will happen when the looks starts to fade
You have all been so helpful and reassuring. I also spoke to him very recently and he reassured me very much, apparently there are many specific things about me that he likes that I never even thought about, and he does have some similar fears.
You gave me many great ideas, and I'm so appreciative of them. You must know that I've always been prone to anxiety and worry.
*Pellaz let me answer some of your questions.
I've already had my teeth professionally whitened.
He loves my cologne ( actually 3 vationations of the same cologne that I sometimes mix and match-or not) I only use a little bit so that he has to be close to me to smell it.
Going shopping together sounds like fun. We both like shopping.
For some reason, I'm really good with parents, I can usually charm them, his parents were no different when I accompanied him to see them in Maryland, his family seemed charmed by me and I like them.
I re-decorated his place for Christmas and he really liked that! (he decorated his place himself but did it all wrong, the wreaths were backwards, etc.)
He also loved the flowers I bought him, I found his favorites; purple cattlleya orchids.
I'd love to move in, but I don't want to smother him, I'd also like to help him with his expenses, but he likes to pay for things (I do have some money, just don't ask where I get it from-nothing illegal)
I'd move with him to Timbuktu if he wanted and take classes there. But we live in New York City where there are employers for the jobs we want.
All in all I'm slowly learning to enjoy what I have, it's just sometimes hard to reconcile the wonderful way that he treats me, with the horrible treatment I get from my family.
Thank you all.
Later. Xyxwave
Great to hear everything went so well in the end. I just want to reiterate how many men (women included, and myself Uber-included) would give just about anything to have someone whom they can simply be with, talk to and snuggle/fuck, whether it appears that that person has anything more to offer than those qualities. Best of luck with your sexy engineer Person66!!

-Der Jack
"Lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it's been"
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