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Non-fetish freaks from all countries, gather!
Today in another forum I got across an article describing what a fetish is. I found attractive NONE of the listed things. In fact I find all of them quite disgusting and so I said in the other forum's topic. I was immediately labeled as a freak. So I'm asking you - are there any other freaks here? Or am I the only one (as always)?
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You don't need to label yourself according to what you are not - "non-fetish freak". You like "vanilla" normal sex. It's perfectly fine. Just call yourself what you are - "boring". Smile
don't forget that a straight person would probably describe you and me both as disgusting just for having gay sex - each to their own I believe , commenting in a forum topic and calling them disgusting is not going to win you any fans though is it , you may not enjoy fetishism of any form but many people do - doesn't make them bad people though , calling you a freak for speaking of your aversion to it is a bit over the top but it is a forum with a fetish section so you can understand why they would attack back - just stick to the vanilla forums and turn a blind eye to what you don't enjoy buddy
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Usually those types of specific forums/threads are No-Flame Zones. If you don't like them, just stay out of them and keep your negativity to yourself and let those whom do enjoy whatever the topic was enjoy it.
matty7 Wrote:don't forget that a straight person would probably describe you and me both as disgusting just for having gay sex

Or worse, a RELIGIOUS person......
I think most people tend to stay on the vanilla side most of the time,,, but will dabble with the wilder side once in a while...

Anyone up for a little brachioproctic tonight?? Take it to the elbow you wild things!!!!

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Freak? That word bothers me a lot.

You shouldn't be called a freak because you don't like "x" or "y". In the same fashion, people who do like said things shouldn't called freaks for it either. We all get off with different shit be it "normal","standard", "kinky", "fetish" whatever.

I think your wrong doing there was the wording. Perhaps "I'm not into any of these things" instead of using the word "disgusting". Sounds more polite. Or not saying anything at all.

And no I bet you're hardly the only one who doesn't like fetish stuff.
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Might it be that you are more naive than freakish? There is a big world with a lot of things in it and most of them are strange to someone or other. it is probable that a good number of us get along from day to day without being shocked simply be not knowing about many of these things.

"Ignorance is bliss" did not become a common saying for no reason at all.
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Insertnamehere Wrote:We all get off with different shit.

Speak for yourself.
Blackout Wrote:Speak for yourself.

Oh, so every human on earth gets off with the exact same thing, then?

My bad.

EDIT: *sigh* in case it didn't come across, yes I got the pun there. *insert non-humorous but humorous reply*
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