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Relationship update 2
My guy is coming to my town from Evansville. He's gonna have to drive 8 hours which might seem unfair... But I don't have a car so yeah

I'm excited to meet him and establish a much deeper connection than what we already have.
I hope it goes well, please be careful.
Woollyhats Wrote:I hope it goes well, please be careful.

I will.

However, I don't see a predator FaceTiming for a month and driving 8 hours to abduct someone. That doesn't make sense to me.
Good to know, it shows he's serious about you...

All the best for your relationship!
Good luck!! Hope all goes well for ya!! Smile
Awesome but please make sure you have protection.
Rainbowmum Wrote:Awesome but please make sure you have protection.

He promised me that he wouldn't do anything that I'm not comfortable with, and I am not comfortable with anal at this point.
He seems commited...Xyxthumbs

make the most of it

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