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What turns you off the quickest?
Smoking. If a guy takes care of his body, maybe I will too...
Guys who ask me what turns me off Cat2
Guys (and people) who hide behind artificiality and artificial things they can wear, do or act - to the extent that they think it hides their basic human and makes them more "elite" "beautiful" or "superior" because they use all the best products and are getting it right. Young or old it displays a need I can't answer to usually. If somebody can just come closer over time to being the self they really are or makes them really stronger and joyful then I find co-mutual growth and stuff there, but if they got to be "crippled inside" forever, I can't do either of us any good.
We're all young, we all have bad things happen to us and we all mess things up good, then we try styles or vain things as bandaids until we feel better - I mean when it's chronic....not just "human"
1. Someone who takes lots of drugs or is an alcoholic
2. Someone who isn't intelligent
Another one to add since I've seen this thread reappear. Someone who smacks their lips when eating, I really hate it...
A bad attitude of any kind is a MAJOR turn off for me and is a deal breaker for anything including a hook-up
1. Disrespectful
2. Flirting with others
Wow....I dont have any ONE thing.......but heres a few -

*BAD driver (if they dont care about thier lives or anybody elses, I certainly dont need them around me)
*Too lazy to pick their feet up when they walk or open their mouth to actually speak, instead of mumbling words nobody understands.
*Bad manners, no manners
*Not listening to anything I say, and then getting mad at me when I answer one of thier questions
*Telling me they are interested, and then they disappear off the face of the earth
Gigantic ego
Someone who "Plays dumb"
Piercings on places that are not ears.

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