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past best friend... told him how i felt
So i had some pretty strong feelings for this guy i used to live with who was my best friend since getting out of high school(3, 4 years).
I told him about how i felt and he said it wouldnt happen, I had to move out so I could get over him but now we dont even talk. Honestly, telling him how i felt and him not returning it sucked but I just miss my best friend now.
And i feel like i could make mends with him, when we hang out with the same friends hell try to joke and stuff. But im afraid of getting close to him again that the feelings will just come back, they were pretty strong and im not exactly sure if im over him all the ways now. i wish i could just see him as a friend. things were great like that.
One of life's lessons - some things are best left unsaid. Good luck.
writerken Wrote:One of life's lessons - some things are best left unsaid. Good luck.

I did the same thing, except this guy and I had got together before but due to circumstances nothing further ever happened. We then became good friends and I told hiim how I felt and he said no. The point is, looking back on it if anything was going to happen then it would have happened and no 'grand reveal' was going to make him like me again. So yeah, if it hasnt happened and you are spending a lot of time together then dont try to tell them because the probability is he doesnt feel the same. I felt good for about 2 months because I felt I had 'closure' but actually it jsut made things a little wierd and I dont speak to him now and regret telling him. #whatadickhead.
I'm sorry to hear this but it does happen........ I suppose all I can say is perhaps when the time is right, get back in contact with him and see if he wants to meet up for coffee and make sure you state strickly friendship only..........hopefully that will help. Good luck with it all............I hope it works out for you.
I'm so sorry this happened to you, I had a best friend who i assumed i loved. I loved him all the way through high school until i got to know he's mean side and who he was. four years is a long time and you know you did the right thing telling him cause it's extremely unhealthy to keep it bottled up inside.

There is always second chances and i'm sure he also misses the old times as well. If need be try to remind him of the goodtimes you guys had. I wish you all the best, and you did the right thing so don't ever feel like it's your fault.
I'm all for telling someone how I feel about them but, there is a time and a place for it. I won't do it in difficult times for either myself or my friend, unless they ask me pint blank and, I won't do it if I'm not prepared to loose a friend.,

I know it usually isn't that they don't want to be friends but more often, even if I don't say the exact words, they hear those three words and, they are running for the hills. There are a whole slew of reasons people run when they hear "I love you." so, you have to be careful and, be ready for them to take off when you say it.

Then there is the whole problem of saying it when you mean platonic love, and they don't take it that way but, that's another discussion.
I am really sorry to hear that .
Unfortunately right now he feels very uncomfortable.

Give him time.

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