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Why do religious people not approve of homosexuality?
Religion was made to control human beings,teaching them 'right and wrong'. Religion is just a loophole for the people that can't be perfect Rolleyes
Screw em lol.
Honestly,would you be happy if the apocalyse comes even though everyone is gonna die?

I dont know... I might enjoy just watching them ride down from the sky on horses.. that would be kind of cool looking.

The irony lol I am wearing my hoody with the Forth Horseman of the apocalypse on it lol :biggrin:
At least the religious people will die first hehe

this is easy, depending on if your having a decent conversation or a shouting argument, lol
Assuming the conversation with an anti-gay religous person....

Q)ask them if they believe that god basically makes everything on earth

A) "yes"

Q) Ask if god puts everything and everyone on earth for a purpose?

a) "yes"

Q) ask them if god is perfect and never makes a mistake?

a) "yes"

than smile and point out that God then also makes gay people and that he intends for us to be on this earth as much as straight people, otherwise we wouldn't be here. Confusedmile:

excellent point!

i was atheist even before defining myself as gay, and being gay definitely erased any possibility of having a religion or believing in god... i agree with most of things you guys said...
it would be interesting to hear what a gay religious person (i mean, not simply believing in god; but strictly following a religion) has to say about this matter


You have to remember that not all religious folk are homophobic though. My dad's a vicar and is totally fine with me being gay, his organist is gay and has a partner and his last deacon was gay and lived with her lover.

Growing up in the church I was obviously surrounded by a lot of "churchyness" but actually never came across outright homophobia. Many, many people that have since found out I'm gay and are involved in the church community have not even batted an eye lid so I think many think its worse that it really is.

This being said, my father is a C of E reverand, and not Catholic....I think perhaps this would make a large difference

You mean, with that difference, that some religions are more homophobic than other ones, or some religions, apart from others, are not homophobic at all? How dyou see it? I agree with the idea of not saying just 'religion' in general, and analysing more in detail...

I found a page in a blog of a gay dude here in argentina
The page is in spanish, but try to read it and understand it, I was HORRIFIED when i read that for the first time, it clearly shows Catholic church' attitudes to homosexuality, it's very interesting, real matter of discussion


you mean, with that difference, that there are some religions more homophobic than others; or that there are some thar are homophobic and some that aren't? What dyou think?

I found a page in a gay dude's blog here in Argentina:
www esposibleelcambio org
(HTML code is off :mad: , i tried to post it as a link but I couldn't)
The page is in Spanish, so make an effort to read it, cos it's quite interesting, and it clearly shows Catholic church's attitudes to homosexuality, really a matter of discussion


h0lysh*... ! :mad: :mad:
sorry guys
I'm reading
I don't know whether to laugh, to be angry or what... That's TOO MUCH, I can't understand why, if being 'Catholic', they allow themselves such a rude missrespect to people... It seems as if they're still in stone age!!

Let me try to translate you some of the critical lines... Tell me if there is smething u DONT undestand, as its the first time i try to translate a text from spanish to english.
tough anyone seemed too interested in reading spanish... you lazy ¬¬
(sorry to the ones that werent! Rolleyes )

[My comments]


Who are we? What is our aim? What do we offer?

We're 'John Paul II' Group [Catholic group, thats where i cleared my doubts], a group of people, men and women, teenagers, youngs and adults, psicologists, priests; religious and lay; believers and not believers from Latin America that, from the conviction that HOMOSEXUALITY IT NOT ANOTHER SEXUAL IDENTITY; BUT THE MANIFESTATION, THE SYMPTOM OF EMOTIONAL WOUNDS, UNSATISFIED AFFECTIVE NECESSITIES AND UNSOLVED TRAUMAS DURING THE PSICO-AFFECTIVE-SEXUAL MATURING PROCESS, SPECIALLY IN CHILDHOOD:


2- Then, from the conviction that IS POSSIBLE TO CHANGE HOMOSEXUALITY,we'd like to offer our HELP to every person-man or woman- that want to join us and colaborate in the different aims we look for.

[that's just introduction]


There are lots of LIES and MANIPULATION, there is LACK OF INFORMATION and DOUBTS surrounding homosexuality.

We firmly affirm:


ü it isn't an illness, strictly talking about it.
ü It isn't a sexual identity.
ü it's not free option

ü It's not an alternative to heterosexuality.


ü A disorder. Attraction to people of the same sex.

ü Is the manifestation of emotional wounds, unsatisfied affective necessities and unsolved traumas; normally lived during the first years of life.


ü Nobody IS BORN being homosexual. [and what if i, gay person, says the oppisite; accodring to some of you guys i reckon]
ü Nobody MAY CHOOSE to be attracted to people of the same sex.

ü Everybody MAY CHOOSE yo cure the wounds that manifested homosexual tendency.

ü Is possible to cure all those traumas.
ü Is possible to mature as heterosexual and feel true love.

ü Is possible to escape from homosexuality. [It's astonishing to see how they speak about homosexuality as a torture or something extremlely bad]

ACCORDING TO AMERICAN [Not just latins involved in all this business, thats to show that these ideas come from catholic religion not just latinamerican catholics] PHYSIST DR. RICHARD COHEN'S RESEARCH:
These are some of the reasons for homosexuality:

[You'll see here guys how homosexuals are studied and defined as ANIMALS not PEOPLE, this stuff could easy be part of an encyclopaedia]

-INHERITANCE: Inherited wounds+Unsolved familiar problems+wrong perceptions+mental filters+predilection for rebound and rebuff
-MOOD/TEMPERAMENT: Hyper sensibility+artistic nature+not adecuate behaviour regarding to gender (more femine boys and more masculine girls) [That's the last straw: according to studies 10% of men are gay, if you go to a random highschool and you look for 'femine guys', as he said, you'll find out that those 'femine guys' are very very few to fill that 10%].
-EMOTIONAL WOUNDS: Abuse+addictions+inadecuate sex+abandon+insults
-IMAGE AND PHYSICAL FEATURES: Late development (body/personality)+physical inabilities [!!!]+shorter lenght [i'm taller than many of my friends]+too thin or too fat+bad coordination [?¿, so... i wont be able to skip the rope or ride my bike anymore, how sad...]
-SOCIAL WOUNDS: Insults+'teacher's favourite'+non sportive/athletic [:mad: , wrong, that's a prejudice, ANOTHER prejudice]+not agressive or violent boys+more agressive and violent girls (than average) [How disgusting does 'average' sound]
-CULTURAL WOUNDS: Educative system [?¿]+mass media [if we talk about sthereotypes and prejudice, it's the first thing i agree with]+entertaining industry+internet+pornography [?¿].

''It's not possible to change'', ''I was born like this and this is my sexual identity'', ''I'm like this and i have to accept it'', ''It's wonderful to be homosexual'', ''The problem is other's intransigence'', ''Homosexuality world is a real wonder, full of happines and joy''.

["Being gay is a contradiction", remember that guys, i would be pleased to listen to him explaining to me why has homosexuality been manifested in nature even before god was created, and why catholics are so stubborn]
[I think nature itself is athiests' version of god]

Remember, IT'S CLEAR THAT TOU ARE 'NOT' HOMOSEXUAL, HOMOSEXUAL IS NOT A SEXUAL IDENTITY (as gay lobby's manipulation wants us to believe unfortunately). [:mad: , no need of comments]


Now i would be pleased to listen to YOU, tell me what you think and if you agree or disagree with any of my comments, or anything from the text, the less we might do is to DEBATE.


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