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Am I Wrong For Being Mad?
wow 14/hr wow I recall the day I was making that amount and it was in 2002 working for a software company. Just like you I was a job jumper, but let me tell you something you do have to stop skipping and though it up. You are not going to save your parents with 14/hr and so far they have raised you all the way to 19 and they manage. Don't worry they will still manage.

Your job is to keep your job and suck it up. Don't try to be the savior Wardo. That small job is still a job.

On a side note, more you make my friend, greater are the expenses. I am not going to tell you how much I make per hours now, but let's just say I worth few Ms, because I'm self-employed. But, I was an employee too, and even though I would have laughed at anyone wanting to give me a salary of 14/h, making triple the amount per hours, I can guarantee you I'll end up borrowing cash to somebody anyway. More you make more you spend. That's the reality of life for both employee and Big Boss of a company such as myself. I love what I do sure, but I'd love more passing the clear of my day playing with my husband's joystick. LOL

Try to cheer up, with a good attitude comes the good promotion. When something goes wrong tell your boss to go shit with the greatest smile possible, maybe he'll listen to you and go have that dump you suggested, and you just didn't know he needed that because he was constipated for weeks. Okay okay I'll stop now but I hope this message will make you smile a little. After work just come here and vent and the next day you'll feel better.

Wardo listen to the advice given here. JUmping from one job to the next is going to come back around and bite you in the butt in the long run. When hiring employees people pay big attention to the amount of time spent on past jobs as a guide of what to expect from you in the future.

I don't think you get what is really happening. The economy tanked. They call it the Great Recession - in truth its a depression. We are in a Depression Era or heading for one, and currently we are hitting the inflation wall and about to enter a deflation period.

I'm sorry about your dad's job, and your families plight. I hate to tell you this but a large chunk of America is in the same boat you are. This is why so many people are on food stamps.

Your Dad is a product of the pre- Great Recession Era and 30 years ago people were still getting into a job for life. That ended by the end of the 20th Century. And it looks like the one career life has gone the way of the dinosaur.

Walmart is the new business model. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#tbm=n...+Employees

Mc Donalds assisted their employees not to long ago with a great informational packet on how their workers can get on food stamps.


Factories closed their doors in America and opened new doors in China, Tawain, Malasia where those little brown people gladly work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week for 50 cents a day or some horrific non-existent pay that no American would work for.

Construction Growth in America is poor. Most parts of the country still - STILL have tract homes sitting there empty after all of these years since the housing market went tits up.

Kids getting out of university with degrees and papers and high education are working for places like Burger King, McDonalds, Home Depot. back when I was around your age, job placement out of college and university was a sweet thing. Now days there just ain't no entry level jobs, so you are competing for the bottom jobs against kids who can slap down paper which looks marginally better than a high school diploma.

I'm sorry. This is the reality of the world.

Your best bet is to get one of those minimum wage jobs, and work there for a year and then see if you can your 30 or less hours a week schedule situated to a more permanent hourly scheduled so you can get a second minimum wage part time job and try to balance that out.

Good luck, most companies don't work with their employees, which makes getting a second and a third job nigh unto impossible.

The 40 our a week job got a stake in its heart with the Affordable Care Act. The minimum of 30 hours a week is set because by law anyone working over 30 hours a week is classified as full time and are to get on company insurance. How did corporations react? cut everyone to less than 30 hours a week, make weak promises that in future you will get more and then just never ever do it.

THAT is how business is done in a Free Capitalist Society.

I'm sorry.

You got it better than your dad. No really you do. He's what 40-50 years of age now out of work? The old man is tired and can't actually start over. He has all of this experience but can't hold on to a job - not his fault, just company policy.

YOU are young and have no idea what its like to have to start over later in life. You are single, thus don't have a wife, kids and all that includes to support. You don't have to go to a job interview knowing that the company you are applying for a job will take a look at those fine lines and grey hairs and decide that you are just a little to old to be in an entry level position.

THAT is the reality of the working class in the 21st century.

Again, I am sorry.

Your expectations are unreasonable. You will not land a solid job.

You do NOT have the know who to land such a job. Your dad would have to be corporate or rich for you to land one of those great jobs with out 4-8 years of higher education under your belt.

Your resume is slim to empty and you do not have degrees and letter after your name. you and millions of others like you are fresh out of high school and offer nothing but a strong back and two pairs of hands and will be paid nothing until you get real experience which means years of hard, ass breaking labor for a company that only cares for the bottom line.

Welcome to America, welcome to Free Capitalist Markets in teh Great Recession of the 21st Century.

Again, I am sorry. But this is how it is.

Camfer Wrote:It's true that your close ties and your loose ties can help you get into jobs.

It's also true that you can dress up nicely, have a resume in hand, walk into just about any retail establishment, ask to speak to the manager and ask if they are hiring. You just have to go do it.

Good luck and hope you find something better for you.

This is the advice you need. Don't rely on other people when you can do it yourself. You can get that job if you want it, but it's clear that you can't expect help from your "friend".

I think that you need to spend less time with your 'friend' and more time focussing on being a satisfied and productive employee.

It is all about experience when you are young. Once you have proven yourself in one job...then you can go with resume in hand and apply elsewhere...using your experience and hopefully references to help you get a foot in the next door.

You pose the question as to whether your friend thinks you 'look' the part for RL.

Well. Do you? Are there changes and improvements you think that you might need to make? Because, if so, then you should make them. Remove this as an obstacle. Or as a perceived obstacle.

As many have pointed out...the job world is shit now. I'm not sure it will ever come back in my lifetime.
Make your own way. Be a success in each job and not a serial employee. Good luck!!!!

Thanks, everyone.

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