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Gay people also want to be parents
There is nothing to be sorry about. Each of us has faith. In somebody or something. If you don't believe in anything at all, it is just much harder for you to live. But everybody chooses for himself in what to believe

we are free in our believes, in our way of life and everything else. So, you can freely follow your way, your heart, soul...your desires. Just be sure that it is really the thing you want.

And one must accept himself and allow himself to be happy. Never say "I don't deserve it", because the Lord will agree with you someday. I know, that I'm not perfect, but I know that I deserve having kids and I'm moving to this goal.

to tell the truth I don't believe in all this supernatural things, that someone is possible to give us something. You by yourself should see your potential and your strength and than make a decision what you can to get and what you can't.

Of course, everything depends on you. Believing in God doesn't mean that you hope that God will do something instead of you. Believing in God means only believing that you will be priced for what you've done. But it is individual, one believes, another one doesn't.

agree, so I belong to the group who don't. I used to believe in myself and in my strength and mind.

it is better than not to believe in anything at all. Faith in yourself is a great power that moves mountains!

it means that when you believe in yourself and in things which you do there is nothing impossible for you. And creation of a family is also not so complicated thing if you believe that you can.

You know, Bubbles and Adam, you could just message each other instead of publicly sharing your posts to each other...?

Beaux Wrote:You know, Bubbles and Adam, you could just message each other instead of publicly sharing your posts to each other...?

Something is "odd"..I sensed it immediately

I know..I should keep my mouth shut but since you opened the door...

One good thing..they both have very similar syntax so private conversation would be easy and breezy...Cool

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