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Wanting to move on from a long term relationship but unable to
Thanks MikeW and Zen. I eventually fronted up to my partner last weekend and told him about what I have been thinking for a while. I mentioned of the new guy not so much as in me wanting a relationship with him but more as the catalyst for bringing up the point of our discussions. My partner was obviously devastated but he indicated to me that he knew this day was coming. So he was a little prepared for it. During the course of our talk, there were many tears and confessions. Eventually we agreed on workings things out slowly. Starting with me moving into the guest bedroom and that I could pursue a relationship with another person. In return we both agreed that my role as the carer would continue. How this will plan out in months or years to come, I don't know. But it's a start and this is what MikeW had suggested. My partner asked if I'm pursuing this relationship with the guy I was seeing. I said no. I said no because I knew then it would not work. I had had a talk with him before I spoke to my partner last weekend. This guy freaked out and accused me for being dishonest. I admitted to him that I had been dishonest and it was time to come clean. Since I talked to him last Friday, I have had no response from him despite the texts and voicemails. I'm disappointed that it had turned out this way with him but I don't blame him for just disappearing. If I were him, perhaps I would've reacted in much the same way. But even if I'm only faintly optimistic, at this stage, with where I'm heading from now on. For that I think there's some good reason to be .... happy.

I'm sorry but not surprised that the other guy reacted that way. I would have, too.

I'm really glad that you were honest with your partner. As time goes on and you meet other guys, you need to be honest and upfront with them from the start. Lies have a way of surfacing at the most inopportune times.

Good luck, and I wish you happiness in the future.

Thanks Pyromancer and I agree with you re being upfront about the arrangement with my partner/ex. It's the only way any of my future relationship would work.

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