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my story continues
Ok guys .. im sorry ive been absent for a long period .. A Lot has happened .. my dad got sick and he had to do a surgery ,, he's done it and now he has to do another one .. so when i knew i panicked and wanted to go back to my country in the middle east ,, i even booked a ticket and decided to leave .. thats when everyone started telling me are you sure you want to leave! i told them yep i cant be so far away from my dad , thats when my lover or boyfriend call him what you want .. he's been in shock! like he doesnt do anything like he does .. everyone telling him whats wrong? is it because (me) is leaving .. and he'd just nod ,, well we live together .. so when we are alone after i decided to leave he just starts crying .. i didn't see him cry like that ever before and i would just watch him in shock .. and i carry myself to my room and also start crying like 1 of is dying .. we stayed like this for 2 days just crying and depression and shit .. till he started telling me to stay and convincing me that my dad is not that sick and there's no risk on him whatsoever .. so i called my brother and my uncle they told it's not risky .. i was still hesitant,, he started telling how his life is gonna be when i leave and we'll video call the moment i arrive there and things like this .. he told me he's considering to quit work!
ok at the end ,, i canceled my flight just one day before it was scheduled.. i dont know what are my reasons but i just could not leave him and we were dying when i was gonna go and everything .. so yea we're happy again, LIFE IS CRAZY

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