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OUCh, sex hurts
gaygay33 Wrote:But I like big ones, don't we all?

Honestly, no. They scare me. I can't remember who originally said it, but I think the maxim "more than a mouthful's a waste" is probably true...

[COLOR="Purple"]some good and some fun advice above...

I understand that sitting on it first position helps a lot :biggrin: [/COLOR]

gaygay33 Wrote:I am in so much pain:eek:
I am not a slut of anything but I hooked up with someone earlier.

First, I wish I was a top but I just don't feel right. Anyways, so I hooked up with this guy and his cock was big and thick. Usually, i just like to suck dick, but I went further and let him fuck me (with a condom).

I've done anal before. The first time I was really young, (11), the second time when I was around 21, 22 and maybe three more times. So overall I had intercourse with a guy about 9-10 times if even that.

It must have been 4 or more years since the last time. It hurts every time. I am still in pain and it was about 5 hours ago. He knew I was in pain and did it even harder:confused:

Right now I feel like someone is still banging me. Does this happen to anyone and how do you control it?

BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! I'm sorry - i know its not funny, but this post definitely made my day Wink

Rough is great - NOTHING wrong with rough !

and... in future.... when the size of the penis makes you think "ouch"... DONT SIT ON IT!!! Guaranteed you wont have his problem again... Smile

Feel free to send Mr. Hung-like-a-horse-rough-as-hell my way when you're done with him :tongue::tongue::tongue:

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