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How come we haven't got a disco music thread?
This is a great mix of Reach............

...and another great version of Mellow Lovin...I really like Judy Cheeks...can you tell?:biggrin:


There are some 'cleaner' recordings, sometimes the videos with actual motion don't have such good sound.

Sure I am not bringing any new artists to the mix here, but here are some of my favourites of the genre:

Donna Summer- I Feel Love

Grace Jones - My Jamaican Guy

Blondie - Heart of Glass

Carly Simon - Why

...and a modern favourite:

Hercules and Love Affair - Blind


I had never heard the Carly Simon song before...nice!

A few more essentials came to me today

Berlin...No More Words

The Jets...Rockit To You


A favourite of mine in the year 1989
LAMBADA by Kaoma,
see how in the second version they destroyed with disco beat what made the original so danceable...

and the dance moves

and the Remix that is not quite so enticing
but has its place in this disco thread


I actually met Gloria Gaynor Wink Nice, wholesome lady.


Ahhh...The Lambada! I forgot all about that! Good one PA!

Gloria Gaynor is really cool...she has been performing on gay cruises and events forever now...

I thought of these the other day..I was thinking about when I used to go to Hulas and Dirty Marys in HonoluluSupergrin

Human League..Dont You Want Me


Frankie Goes To Hollywood.............RELAX!


There is something I just remembered...when I was 21 I had a date with this gorgeous guy and he took me to a "concert" if you want to call it that LOL...Gloria Gaynor opened and she was great but then the horrible Village People came out and the construction guy was screaming..YIKES...my head was banging and my hair was bristling up on the back of my neck... I sat there for maybe 20 minutes and told him I had to leave but I would wait outside ..I couldn't take it...they are definitely a studio group...but they are classic disco so here goes...


the sound of Philadelphia


Bombers: Everybody come on, get dancing
orange vinyl, lol


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