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Help Gay Guy loves straight guy
Wow wish I had a friend like this. Trust me kid dont let your feelings come in. If you really like him as a friend, then just try to find someone else. I crushed on a guy for 4 years in high school. Everyone pretty much agreed he was bi and I heard from a very trustworthy friend that he had kissed a guy at a party. However something came up between me him and a very close friend of mine and well now we're no longer friends. So if you truly value your friendship, don't do anything that might cause the loss of it. If youre very close to him, then dont ruin it.
Btw... what straight guy sends pics of himself to a gay man ._.

DarkDaisuke Wrote:Btw... what straight guy sends pics of himself to a gay man ._.

I know a lot of other stories like this ... but I'm silent as a radio-

fenris Wrote:Hi and welcome....

This is a very well known problem .... I know it from some friends. What I can advice you is : Do not talk with him about all things like " I love you " ... that hurts YOU .. not him .. he is a or your best friend not more ! If he sends you pic of him in underware and so on ... don´t open... say him, its not a good thing.
See him like a friend ... not like a maybe partner... that would force you to be jealous ... and a jealous friend can´t be a right friend....
I know your feelings .. try to build up a mental border ... don´t start you brain-cinema with things you would do with him .... see him like a brother... thats the best way... I think.

I say enjoy his friendship, as a lot of people are being bullied these days, appreciate the fact that there is a straight man out there who isn't trying to hurt you in anyway! I agree with the brother comment above, think of him as a HOTT older brother and enjoy your relationship in this way and don't try to cross the line into a physical relationship of which I fear you will only be hurt in the end! Whether he is Gay, Straight, or Bi he has made his life choice to be with a woman and have children with her. Don't be a homewrecker and steal these childrens father away from them. It would be wrong to the female to-- to take her man away, but the children would be emotionally ruined for life. There are too many players that would be affected by your decision to sleep with this man even if he wanted it. Just do me a favor and before thinking of your needs with this man, think of the needs of the children involved! I think once you look at it this way, it will be easy to appreciate his friendship but leave him alone sexually!!!

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