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Advice on my 7 year Relationship Ending.
Thanks. So frustrated today.

So he called me earlier this week and I ignored his call. Then he sent me texts last night. First saying happy thanksgiving and asking why I wasnt answering his calls. Then he said he'd call my tomorrow and then finally goodnight. So today I made the mistake of answering his text. He texted me and said "wow thanks for not responding to my texts." and I responded "you dumped me for a stranger that lives 3000 miles away. What am I suppose to do?"

So he basically still wants to be able to say hello and go out for breakfast, which I told him today I can't do because it gets my hopes up that hes going to be coming home. And hes probably not coming home. At least any time soon.

I do not, for the life of me, understand him.

What you feel is very normal ... and it takes time to get over him ....

Don´t try to understand him ... why you want to hurt yourself with this thoughts ? I promise 4 or 6 weeks later you feel better and see some things much more clearly.. and it comes a day when you think "Good that he is gone" and you start a new relationship.... and you will be happy again.

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