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What type of underwear do you wear?
Tight boxers all the way; much more comfortable. Mine are anyway Confusedmile:

I wear boxer briefs. And go commando at night to air everything out!!!

Briefs. I wear them mostly because I grew up wearing them. I grew up wearing them because a pack of 6 costs less than a pack of 3 pairs of boxers, lol. And that's another reason I still wear them.

im tired of wearing underwear - its commando for me, ready for action!!!

Usually boxer briefs, sometimes briefs. xD

I like to wear tight boxer briefs. I like the feeling of tight underwear. I feel more secure, hehe.
I don't think I will ever wear loose boxers, I don't like feeling neither find it sexy. when I hear loose boxers I have associations of over 30 man, probably married.
so tight boxers all the way.

What I wear to work is loose fitting boxers because I have to sit most of the day typing and anything tight fitting would be so uncomfortable. Most of my boxers are character boxers like smilies and the rest, after all no-one is going to see them..!

i am a boxer person... Y fronts were nice when i first came out the closet for sexual exploration reasons but as i found out boxers are more comfy

I've been wearing briefs all my life. For one, it feels DAMN good to get hard and have the briefs struggle to contain it! :biggrin:

I occasionally wear boxers when I run out of briefs and I haven't done the laundry yet. The first time I wore boxers, I got hard cause I was freeballing and it felt weird and good at the same time. :biggrin:

Kinda like to change it up between boxer briefs and briefs :redface:

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