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What type of underwear do you wear?
I mix and match, I like snug boxers though :-) Got my special ones for nights out hahahaha

Im super cheap so i always by briefs Cool

Today I got my favourite PINK ones on that are comfy cotton boxers that hug nicely n.n

Today im wearing my bright blue loose boxers with pink edges Smile

Heheh, where as today I have my purple/black striped tight-ish fitting boxer briefs on Smile

Boxer briefs ftw!

White ck boxers with red band for me Smile

Well, the kind I wear pretty much equivilates to boy shorts. Although i'm pretty thin, I got a "black girl butt", thanks to my dad :mad: . My mum always pinches it Cry , so now I'm contemplating wearing regular boxer briefs :biggrin: .

(ps. don't invite your friends to your house,while wearing boy shorts. Lots of butt slapping goes down Rolleyes (they're girls) and it's usually mine :mad: )

cartoon boxers and boxer briefs. Big Grin

I wore boxers my whole life, could never think to use another type.

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