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What type of underwear do you wear?
get a kilt jake and you can go commando on the next level!! its a strange experience at first but you do get used to the fact that a gust of wind, or your mates form work spining you on the dance floor will show your tackle to the entire room!! lol

Still tight boxers for me! Big Grin I don't like being all free and low Sad
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

I like my boxers loose.

Wal mart kids section !!! so many bright colors and tight too !!!

Um....lolz....I curt88 I know you may be strickly buying those kids undies for yourself, but you may get other customers and employees looking at you wierd. But Im not judging.

Neways for me...boxer briefs and form fitting regular boxers. Although I like the boxer briefs best because they are more supportive.

Boxer Briefs all the way, comfort and support that can't be beat.

(for some reason I sound like a commercial)

BHAHAHA I am some what joking . I bought a few pairs last year from the kids section because they had the colors of the flags and had the country printed across the bum. I couldnt resist. and i used the self check outs.

Oh my.....that does sound nice.....I wouldn't mind seeing the old maple leaf accross someones ass. Wink

Hmmm, I definitely have a thing for underwear. I usually order mine off of the internet. My favorite is my 2Xist and Ralph Lauren boxer briefs. Sculpted pouch and short boxer briefs.

Also I wear Jockstraps and thongs if I'm wearing a suit because I don't want an underwear line showing.

I wear anything from male thongs to briefs, bikini briefs. Any underwear and all underwear. I like to see a guys underwear and the kind he wear. I think a guy in just underwear is fucking hot.

OK I'm done lol

lol i just wear shorts or boxer briefs Big Grin i like lunch box some of the stuff on them are funny ^_^

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