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What type of underwear do you wear?
Star Twister Wrote:TART!!!!!!

[Image: lmao2.gif] [Image: lmao2.gif] [Image: lmao2.gif]


I am the picture of innocence!! *polishes halo*


wouldlikemuscle Wrote:!!! SLANDEROUS TALK !!!

I am the picture of innocence!! *polishes halo*


[Image: mwah.gif]


sexyzackers Wrote:i wear boxers but i think tightie whities are hot...Wink


Tight boxers or commando. Smile

Only go commando in my joggers.
I don't know why...

Boxers unless i am wearing my kilt!! Big Grin comando all the way baby! x

snug boxers for me, not too loose so the boys can knock each other about but enough for a bit of freedom, but if i got to the gym then i wear briefs because less chance of knocking myself up (i hate that sick feelin that slowly creeps up on ya) also briefs cos you never know who u want to impress with yer lunch box at the gym, lad i fancy stirpped to his briefs infront of me last month, nearly passed out he's so hot, he talked to me as if nothing was wrong too !!!!

Tight Boxers all the way!lol
i love top man ones just because the pictures on them are good!

[COLOR="Purple"]Odd how I havent posted here...

I wouldnt say I have a fetish for underwear but I do have a LOT of underwear.

Mostly due to the fact that I repped for a Japanese underwear company in San Francisco. They made amazing things with the best materials and OMG, the crazy homoerotic photographs Wink2

After they decided their movement into the USA market wasnt working well (very poor planning - but we found out that the buyers for U2 came into one shop and bought their total stock Lol2 ) I was able to grab a HUGE box of goodies for myself and friends.

All my stock is sporty fitting. I love the short boxer briefs in various fabrications from cotton, cotton mesh, to a mix of cotton/polyurethane mix.

During the summer I also wear a lot of Jockey brand which is made to whisk moisture from the body keeping ya nice and dry Scatter [/COLOR]

I wear tight ones Big Grin - If im out normal then I wear fun ones : ) If Im going somewhere errr... special? Then it tends to be CK hipster type things : ) x
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

I've started going commando recently
i don't know why

ive either gone commando or wore my boyfriends boxers coz they're dead baggy

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