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What type of underwear do you wear?
I agree with have to switch it up between boxer briefs and briefs! Wearing the same type just gets old.
Yep too right EMT1987, changing it up from time to time just feels.. right.
Ya know the cotton ones that hug in all the right spots and are still comfy
I only wear boxer briefs, often multicolored and nice brands. I don't want anything to tight that squeezes my balls but something that covers and lifts Smile
I've been in briefs since about 2005, going back to boxers for a while, I think. They print more fun stuff on boxers.
thongs ......
For me, it's AE briefs & sometimes boxers, depending on how sexy I wanna look for the day. Tongue
tight boxer briefs
[Image: new-diesel-mens-underwear-pink-m001-b2ce...20x320.jpg]
what is this "underwear" you talk about?

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