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what do you think about being virgin at 23 years old?
I am 23 years old and I've never made love/sex with two questions:
- what do you think about this?
- do you think that if a man knew me, he would leave me before doing something 'cause I'm still a virgin?
Thank u Smile
Personally it makes no difference what your experiance is in the bedroom to me.
That's not what I look for in a guy.

And if a guy is that shallow, then your to good for him in the first place.
I think that makes you a man that respects his body, himself and, others enough not to jump on every pole you see.

If you were the right guy for me, or I at least thought you were, wouldn't stop me. I have no problem being someone's first. I don't care one way or the other, but it doesn't unnerve me to be a first for someone.
what do you think about saying, when you know a new guy ,"I've to say you one thing: I'm virgin"? For you I should say this thing or not?
I would hope you would before we had sex at least. Right off the bat, no, get to know the guy, and let him get to know you as a person fist, it won't matter so much then. It's just information a partner should know before actually becoming your first is all. And hey, we were all virgins once upon a time, so relax, we've all been there.
Some douchebags might have something against the fact that you're a virgin, but I think that if you find yourself a good guy, being a virgin at 23 will not be a problem at all for your relationship. I's okay to be a virgin at 23. It will happen when the right time comes... :}
thank you...I've made the registration to this forum yesterday and, at least till know, I am satisfied 'cause opinions of other individuals about "some" topics are useful for me Smile for me it is a "mean" which helps even knowing a little bit more the real life I don't have many chanches to talk about this kind of topics XD so...
I'm 20 and I'm a virgin too. I wouldn't think any less of you.
What happened?
You know, I actually remember a time when being a virgin was a good thing. You were honorable, more trustworthy, a better person if were a virgin until you found the right one. Now it's the opposite. What have we done to ourselves?
yes I know that in the past being virgin was a good thing..probably it is a good thing even nowadays for most guys..I'm a little bit strange so with strange I am a little bit ashamed of being virgin at 23 years old 'cause (I think that) other individuals could think about me "noone has ever wanted you"..
I'm always hoping to find a "guiding light" in this field Smile

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