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Meeting Guys Online
I think getting know someone online will show you a part of them but it isn't an accurate representation of who they are.
One of the reasons that the internet is so popular is that people can hide behind their computer screens and be anonymous or someone different. I've found a lot of people can be complete asses online but really nice in real life or vice versa.

I agree, but at the same time you can meet some people that are the same in both ... I'd like to think I'm not an @sshole in real life ...

*looks in the mirror and blows himself a kiss before flicking his beautiful long locks over his shoulder*


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

I took what I'm told is a common route, and used the Internet obssessively through my younger teens, in the hope I'd meet people like me who could help me understand what I was thinking, and what I wanted.

Luckily, I did meet a few such people, who I'm still in contact with today.

But my first FOUR boyfriends were from the Internet, and never lived anywhere near me. So I like to think I saw, and learned, a lot.

As has already been said, what you see of a person via the Net can be twisted into what they want you to see, or even what YOU want to see, and admittedly, this still happens in person.

But with the benefit of hindsight, I can look back at say in all honesty, that getting to know those guys, and flirting, and being nice, and romantic... It gave me a buzz, sure... But doesn't compare to what it's like actually doing it physically.

Although it is certainly NOT a rule of thumb, nearly everyone I met offline was different to how they were online. And it made me sick. I'd spent years talking to these people, and felt close to them, and they always screwed me over in the end.

It just wasn't right.

To simplify it, let me just suggest you try arguing with an online boyfriend.

It sucks, and its absolutely ridiculous.


P.S Reading that back, it sounds like a load of babble and big-words. But I can't be bothered to delete it, so I'm sorry :tongue:

shadow Wrote:*looks in the mirror and blows himself a kiss before flicking his beautiful long locks over his shoulder*

^ ^ ^

Goldilocks hardly complements your Screen Persona as "shadow" - which suggests so much mystery and depth.

Now every time I see your name, I'm just gonna picture you as a sweet little girl running from bears.
Coincidentally, is that a past-time of yours...? :tongue:

It's a wierd place......

In the end, I suppose it comes down to luck. it also depends on the person themselves, and what the internet enables them to be. Some people use the net a bit like thier car....some little place where they are the king and the rest of the wolrd be damned. Some use it to make themselves into something they are not (more whitty, more curageous, more, more, more......)

There's also the problem that has been identified here that the net can be two dimensional. You make great friends, share the same humor..all kinds of things, then meet and have personal characteristics drive you crazy. (Voice, mannerisms, ticks....) humor that is funny online may be abrasive and overdone in person....

BUT...the net also enables some people to be more honest than they would in a real life situation. Writing is often easier than saying thngs out loud. It's kind of a toss up.

That said, being lucky enough to find your Mr Right is just that...luck. Dating is just as wierd in person (often) as over the net. I've talked to a lot of people who met their big loves on line. Shadow for one, and a couple good friends of ours as well.

I consider Sahdow to be one of my closest friends. He might just know me better than most of my "real life" freinds, and we've never met. I just hope when we do he doesn't mind all the frozen bodies in my freezer ;-)


Lol2. Dude have you SEEN my photos ?? They're on my profile - I've got about as much hair as your average action man toy Wink, but by all means, keep the illusion going if it helps xx

Michael speaks the truth as always ... and you yourself Gay are also correct - meeting online is always different than meeting in person. Sometimes people are better online than they are offline, but I've always viewed that more as a reflection of their incongruity rather than because they lie ...

... of course I have been in situations where people have said things like "I've got a LITTLE bit of a belly" or "I'm hung like a horse" only to have those words RUSH through my mind when the moment comes to find out and being BITTERLY disappointed ... so much so that I've wanted to slap them with a false-advertising sticker and pop them in the post back from whence they came ... but such is life.

The internet is a wonderful tool, but it's just one of many tools that are at our disposal. I love it, and whilst I too do take the people I meet with a pinch of salt at first instance, I've made too many decent friendships (and a few really really important ones, like Michael and (as he's already said) my boyfriend and so on) through the internet for me to be at all skeptical about it ... just forewarned) Confusedmile:.

... and the "Shadow" handle was a carefully chosen one, yes Wink.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

The one thing great about the internet is that with it we all seem to have gained at least two inches in cock size! From M to xxl overnight.

Bless you Al Gore ;-)


Thats so true!!!

Everyone in the internet are MORE in everything....

However i ve met8 years ago one of my very close friends from the internet who i love to bits . It scares me sometimes how similar we are in goals , life, ambitions, dreams ( only difference is that he is undeniably better looking and i am undeniably wiser ;-)

*throws his cock over his shoulder so he can see the keyboard*

What was that ?? *flutters his eyelids*

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

shadow Wrote:I agree with my fellow posters inasmuch as meeting somebody online does not really give you an adequate OR accurate representation of what they're really like to enable you to make a proper opinion.

Anybody reading this, for example, might rightly think I'd just swallowed a dictionary, but I'm really not like that in real life Wink

I think it's largely because, when you're reading somebody else's words, you're absorbing only one aspect of that person, and you're subconsciously able to put a slight spin on ... perhaps not WHAT they're saying, but HOW they're saying it.

When you fragment a person like that, it's easy to make them into something they're not, and it's not always because THEY haven't been 100% up front - sometimes it's because you've made them into something they're just not.

I don't mean you PERSONALLY - I just mean "one" Confusedmile:

HAVING SAID THAT, all three of my boyfriends I met online, and they have all been absolutely lovely, so either I've just been really fortunate, or I'm so anal they all pass my screening ... LOL !!

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

damn, he's a smart man, what else can one say. Some people online are genuine, I met one of the best friends of my life online, but she is the exception not the rule. I've also met a lot of people who I wouldn't give the time of day to. You live and you learn and you figure out how to read people.

You do me too much honour, but thanks !!

And yeah - I agree with you - anonymity is a double-edged weapon, and so you should always take people - initially at least - with a pinch of salt when you meet them online x

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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