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Meeting Guys Online
Okay, so I have been in two fairly unsuccessful relationships in the past five months. In fact, they are my only relationships. Anyways in one of the relationships I met the guy online, and in the other I met the guy in person and got to know him online. Do you guys think that getting to know people online is an accurate representation of the people you are trying to get to know?

That is a lot to try to understand, but I suck at wording things... so deal.

No that is not a lot to try to understand - that is pretty clear to me.

Personally, getting to know people online is not an accurate representation. But then as I've experienced a lot - nor is getting to know them face-to-face a lot of the time. (As can be seen in the lyrics I posted in the Arts forum.)

The internet is really quite risky, as you may only see their best side at first, but then that is the same, quite often, in real life. I don't know which is better, safer or more accurate. Life is a quirky thing.

True dat. That's what it was with me I saw their best side online... and then I saw their worse as things between us got over. They were quite nasty break-ups. Rightfully. I still get along with my first ex great though!

that is great that you still get on well with him!

I was also having thoughts about this today Jakethy.
Internet is not accurate indeed, a lot of wankers around- there is no other way to describe the huge lack of honesty. Yet meeting people online its a most common way to meet people at all especially for gay people i know. At the end of the day oh well you can meet idiots and nice people everywhere, online or in person. It's a matter of luck i guess.

LOL.... Well I don't think I have ever had any luck... The only two people I have ever dates were either dorks or jack-asses... I just can't seem to find that one person that makes me happy. Every time I do find the one person that makes me happy, they are either to far away Wink, Already taken or Something comes up and they have to move away.

What the hell.. I just want someone who is mature. For more details, check out my blogs on my Myspace (Check the first post on the myspace thread).

I feel your pain!

Haha, a quick rundown of my two relationships.

Number 1 - The guy got afraid of commitment, and he cut all contact for two weeks and then broke it off.

I still get along with this one.

Number 2 - The guy cheated on me, with somebody online, who was 25 when he was 18. Then broke it off with me and proceeded to date somebody my age, who looks fairly similar to me, to start with a "clean slate". Oh and he still has his fun with the 25 year old.

As you would guess... we don't really talk anymore.

Hey guys. I guess the only thing I can really offer is what I've always believed, even though I find it hard to apply in my own life - you can only find true happiness in yourself. When you do, then the right people/circumstances/occasions etc. will come into your life. All the while you are chasing happiness in things OUTSIDE of yourself, you'll never gain it.

Basing your happiness on people/things, you only place it in their hands, which basically means you have already sealed the fate of your happiness - it won't last.

That's something I have started to learn over the past couple of months.

I agree with my fellow posters inasmuch as meeting somebody online does not really give you an adequate OR accurate representation of what they're really like to enable you to make a proper opinion.

Anybody reading this, for example, might rightly think I'd just swallowed a dictionary, but I'm really not like that in real life Wink

I think it's largely because, when you're reading somebody else's words, you're absorbing only one aspect of that person, and you're subconsciously able to put a slight spin on ... perhaps not WHAT they're saying, but HOW they're saying it.

When you fragment a person like that, it's easy to make them into something they're not, and it's not always because THEY haven't been 100% up front - sometimes it's because you've made them into something they're just not.

I don't mean you PERSONALLY - I just mean "one" Confusedmile:

HAVING SAID THAT, all three of my boyfriends I met online, and they have all been absolutely lovely, so either I've just been really fortunate, or I'm so anal they all pass my screening ... LOL !!

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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