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Meeting Guys Online
I think meeting online is a great way of finding out about someone, as it would be meeting face-to-face.

People kill for a online honey, *cough*me*cough* but Im sane I dont go around killing.

For me, and from personal experience I'd say meeting people online gives a good representation for the people you are talking to. Although, when saying this I wouldn't willingly meet someone I've known for a few weeks, for me it would probably have to be a year+ depending on the person.
It is possible to fall in love with someone online, without even meeting them (for people who say you can't, then why are you using this forum? to make friends? but surely to make friends you need to have feelings for them??). I know I'm in love with someone I've met from the net and even though we aren't together no have we met I'd probably do alot to be with him.

Your future is in your hands and if you loved someone enough you'd do anything to make it happen - fine, sure... it would probably be abit hard if you live in the other part of the country but still... if you meet someone you like you should try and explore more aspects of them, whether it is talking to them by phone or talking whilst on cam before meeting.

edit: I have met people offline, although not guys nor people I would want to be in a relationship with and they have been exactly how I would imagine them.

Well i met some one online, and it did work out. So well even that im still with my partner for 4 years :eek:

And hereby i would like to say that if you are chatting with some one online and it gets serious, you will probably get the most honest side of that person, yet as they have no shame, fear or angst to express themselves the way they want to, or feel they deserve or finally are able to.

Met some1 on an Online VIDEO game of all things, we played and chatted with eachother for a couple months untill we had enough and my partner came to my country (zomg my partner is from another country even) and after that we were inseperable, and still are.Cool

Point to point is: online relationships can be great, i fell in love with a character without me knowing what the person looks like, but build up some trust first before you do anything, oh and webcamming is (a) great (way of really seeing who your talking to), cybersex rulez and stuff :eek:WinkRolleyes

but still erm.. its NEVER without risk, not even after years of chatting, you can never be sure..

Can i ask something... when you guys chat online with someone new do you start talking on the phone and how long does it get to do that?

spotysocks Wrote:Can i ask something... when you guys chat online with someone new do you get in phones and how long does it get to do that?

Get in phones?
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

I never gave out my phone number. It's easier to change an e-mail than a phone number..... before I gave John my #, we chatted online for a month or 2.

Oh it depends on the person.. I mean I can block numbers so.. Umm.. Varies :biggrin:
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

yeah but they can also use other phones, public and friend's phones. You don't have to answer, but there was a friend of mine that had this happen to him.... he got lots of voice mails, nothing really horrible, just the guy was begging and it was pathetic.

I ve talked to someone online, it was a pleasant chat and the second time we chatted he asked for a phone number. I already dont like being on the phone much however i take it as a compliment but when the other person is very persistent about it puts me off and make me feel like a weird guy with lots of inhibitions. I ve been kind and make me feel like an idiot. Now that's not fair is it!

Justifies why i dont like meeting people online. Rolleyes

I personally don't like giving out my number to people I don't know - I'm fine giving it to my mates, but sometimes people you meet online you don't always read quite as well as you should, and the LAST thing you want is some pain in the arse that you barely know phoning and texting you at stupid o'clock with their woes as, unless you have a phone like Twazzle's where you can bar them, you've opened up a REAL can of worms, and that's not cool at all.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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