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Im not sure if Im gay straight or bi????
Wolfe Wrote:Could I be gay and not know it? I will feel stupid if everyone else knows it and Im the last to find out. Did any of you guys go through this?

I would say that you're a normal teenager who is in the process of exploring his sexuality. There is nothing wrong or abnormal about having fantasies or doing things with other guys. It does not make you gay, just like doing things with girls does not make you straight. There are plenty of guys who identify as straight who did things with guys as a kid, and plenty of guys who identify as gay who did things with girls as a kid. And there are some guys who are just bi. You're still 16, so you're bound to learn a lot more about yourself in the coming years.

Luckily, you benefit from having parents who you know are accepting, so you don't have to worry about what they will think regardless of what conclusions you ultimately come to about yourself. Just do what you feel is comfortable and don't get anxious about where things go. You'll figure things out with time.

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