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Cheer me up? I've messed up with someone I really like
(05-28-2020, 12:33 PM)marshlander Wrote: Late? Late? You're just amateurs!  Wink

The first time I went to meet PA in real life I was waiting at Geneva Airport for two hours. I had no clue where I was was supposed to be going, couldn't speak any French and had no Swiss francs (I assumed I would need Euros for when I arrived in France). To be truthful, I couldn't be certain the whole invitation to visit wasn't a windup. He once managed to arrive twenty-three hours late for Christmas dinner with his brother's family. Usually last minute laundry, finishing off a costume or cake-baking is involved.

It's a good job he has many, many redeeming qualities.  Heart  Heart  Heart

haha apparently I need to learn some things, I definitely have not yet mastered the level you describe, hahaha 

Sounds like he still totally captured your heart though!  Heart Heart

(05-28-2020, 01:04 PM)InbetweenDreams Wrote: Some people are late to everything. One of my co-workers is late for everything, people tease him and say he'll be late for his funeral.

That being said, I'm usually early for everything...its anxiety. I guess anxiety has its positives?

Yep i think honestly i can be way too relaxed about time. I do panic a bit when the time for something comes near, but until i'm late, i am very chilled about how little time i have, lol

(05-30-2020, 10:15 AM)baristajedi Wrote: ... Sounds like he still totally captured your heart though!  Heart Heart

He has certainly done that. It wasn't immediate, but I love him to bits and he clearly loves me.

Early on, some seventeen years ago, his mother, father and brother all approached me separately and asked if I could help him work on his time-keeping. It was obviously a well-known issue within and outwith the family. Early on I decided that, however much I like to be on time for things, it would help neither of us if I made an issue of it too. Accepting someone for the person they are can be good for both in a relationship as long as neither is being hurt.

Weird though, what do you call it when the person for whom you've been waiting is always the first one out of the door? Undecided
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