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Unsure of my sexuality
Hi, I'm new to this forum, main reason i decided to join was to ask for some help. I am currently 17 and unsure of my sexuality. I had a gay experience when I was 15 with a boy and did enjoy it however, after that I got into a relationship with a girl for a year and a half and did enjoy that ALOT. After getting my heart broken etc, I got a new girlfriend but wasn't really feeling it. I'm really unsure on my sexuality and think I may be bi, I do like both types of porn with gay and straight but I feel myself preferring men more than women, but at the same time I really want a heterosexual relationship, have kids etc. I don't quite know if there's a way to be certain or if I'm going to be unsure rest of my life, was hoping I could get some advice on finding out about my sexuality and dealing with me confusion.

Any help or advice would be appreciated thanks.

Hi and Welcome :-)

As first after I read your post I´ve seen that you signed in as a "single Bi man".... So it seem that you have already decided. :-)
I think at the moment you should not rush ... wait... maybe your feelings get a bit more clear. The fact that you want to have a heterosexual relationship and to have kids ... is a wish ... but as long as you don´t know what your feelings want it can be very easy to decide wrong.
Test youself ... read here ... read the net ... go out .. meet friends... get some new friends .. heterosexual, bisexual and gay .... I think this could help to find your way and what you want ... How you want to live....
You´re young.. you have no reason to decide really fast. Take the time you need now ... not in a couple of years...its better to wait ... as to wake up some day in future and ask yourself "what I´m doing here ?"

Epic. I am experiencing the same thing and I believe a lot of young Bi guys are experience that too. I had relationship with girl before and it went well. However, my feeling for guys are growing too strong that I believe I am Bi for sure and start accepting that. I think you should just be yourself and one day Mr. or Mrs. Right will walk into your life.

Hi! Welcome! Chances are that you may be bi, but you make the final say on that. However you're at an age where you're discovering yourself. Some people your age already come to a conclusive decision on their sexuality and it sticks with them for the rest of their lives (example: Allen Ginsberg). Who knows, I really cannot be the judge and you make that decision yourself. Well I already figured it out by 14 and then I stayed in the closet for nearly 10 years. Good luck on it! Smile

U didn't tell us , for whom did u had feelings, the boy or the girl, i confess that i'm 24 and still not sure of my sexuality, i felt in love for the first time with a boy, even though i had long term relationships with girls, i never had feeling with girls so i don't know what that means, i think u are bi, but u don't have to much experiences so who knows, u must see for yrself what makes u happy.

Dont be in a rush to determine what label you want to give yourself - you may find that you have a label all of your own, no more right and no more wrong than any other labels out there already.

My advice would be explore all these feelings, date a guy, date a girl, date several - and when you get to the point that you dont care what your label is you will know the answer. I dont think you will be unsure the rest of your life - so take the pressure off yourself Confusedmile:


Well, I think that if you are okay with being bi, then you are bi. And then...always go for what will make you happy.! If at some poin t of your life you think that a commitment to a man will make you happy, don't stop yourself from doing it just because you wanted kids and a normal life. There is always a way. Smile

The only time to be certain is when you're certain. Even then some of us get it wrong. I almost envy the ones who know for sure so early on ... almost Wink

I don't think we should be the ones to label you and like the others said, I don't think you should be in such a rush to figure out what you are, be it gay, straight or bi. Just wait a little, I'm sure you'll have other experiences that will make you realize on your own what you are.

From what you said though, it sounds like you're bi. The current girlfriend that you have, what do you mean when you say you're not feeling it? And are you sure it's not just the "normal", straight lifestyle that appeals to you?

You can be in a straight relationship and be "not feeling it" and still be straight. i would re - evaluate this relationship, for starters, and find out why its not making your clock tick. I was confused for a long time. I started out straight, thought i was gay, refused to accept it and thought i was straight again, then allowed that i must be at least a little bi, before i finally realized, at the end of the day, when i closed my eyes and dreamed of the one i wanted to fall asleep with, it was a man that i saw holding me in his arms. I definitely agree with several of the earlier post advising you to not be to quick to label yourself. However, when you finally figure it out, don't shy away. There may be two voices prompting you (as was the case with me), your head and your heart and it is your heart that you need to follow in this matter.

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