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What type of underwear do you wear?
I go commando unless I'm in jeans then I wear either my Aussie Bum briefs or boxer briefs depending on the situation

got sum under ware by Mens Boxer Shorts.
nice boxer briefs - nice n snug - keeps it all under control Wink

Loose boxers, and once in a while I go commando. If I had thongs, I'd wear them everywhere.

never loose boxer .... really never *hysterical breathing* .... some bodyparts begin to hurt again only if I think on loose boxers ... :eek:
You can read about in my new book " Bodyparts on wich you never should sit on"

I went with loose boxers. No one here wears jock straps lol!

i perfer commando, but do everything on here but jock strap.

i also had a not quite bf buy me a "man"thong once in highschool, i wore that for a while and found out i kind of liked it, but it got destroyed by an old washing machine lol

I'll wear boxers on occasion but I mainly go with briefs or bikini briefs.

i love underarmor boxer briefs

Commando only.

Briefs or boxers for me, :-)

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