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Horribly Humiliating. I'm Losing Faith with People.
Jay ,

I am so sorry sweetheart, no one deserves that kind of treatment,especially not someone as kind and wonderful as you are.

They are not worthy of walking in your shadow,and have the emotional maturity of an 8 year old.

How can any of them call themselves a man , when they act like spiteful little bitches playing the upmanship game, this is total bovine scat, and I am so very sorry you were the target of their amusement.
I can't wait for Karma to catch up with them.

Jay you are one of my closest friends on here.
We know each other pretty well, I know you would never surround yourself with these type of immature douchebags .
You have not lost any friends babe , you have removed some damaged goods from your life.

Please sweetie do not give them the benefit of your tears, they are bullies that never grew up.

I am here for you babe, pm or email me.

Please put your picture back up , the shame is not yours it's theirs .

"Illegitimi non carborundum"

Love and hugs.

Oh dear Jay, you definately don't deserve to be treated like that, that is so horrible and my heart goes out to you Remybussi

Its unfortunate that people are like that, especially in a work environment, nice to your face because they have to be, but when together in a group become bitches. You are too good for these people and you definately shouldn't lose your faith in people and you most certainly should not feel humiliated.

You have one of the biggest hearts that I have encountered, you are the sort of person that would keep giving even when you have nothing to give and that is a beautiful trait in a person. Unfortunately, it is also a trait that can be taken advantage of.

Have your surgery mate and know that the people that love you and respect you will be thinking of you and wishing for a comfortable and speedy recovery. Use the downtime gather your thoughts.

I would advise you to perhaps keep your work life and personal life a little more distant from each other, continue being pleasant and never ever feel humiliated, you did absolutely nothing wrong, you did everything right and everyone else was/is wrong.

Hold your head up high, be proud of yourself, and fuck those bitches Smile

:eek: :frown:

I'm sorry to hear that. For me, the only person I'd shun would be someone who'd read something that intensely personal out loud for laughs and would never want anything to do with him, let alone trust him for anything.

i am the oppiset s you but the end is the same i have no freinds at all i hae aquantices but it takes a lot to get me to acknolage some one as a freind and i dont trust like you my hart yearns for freinds i can be open wwith but i have seen so much hatefull actions toward people it is hard to have any hope for this world
becuse of prejested views the need of accptance that makes people join in and lafugh at people because it makes every one think you are on their side and all the other shit that happens so i just reserve myself greatly my ex i was with as a total couplefor tbut like ten years befor i asked for his and was ready to put my hart on my sleve so to speak my firsst experiance in this pain i tryed to commit suaside and but for my stubbornness would have suceeded i decited i would not let them win and they would have to contend with me like it or not and started me on my 20 years of crusader rabbit mode of helping and fighting where ever i saw unjustace toward people who for one reason or another were treated as less than regular equals in the world anyway i delt with it in a diffrent way i listen to the hateful talk and it bothers me and lots of the time i try to say something that will make people stop and think what they are doing all my aquentcenses ffeel i am strange and like i tell them i am just an old hippire in my head and probaly will never change but thenwhy should i i dont defend like i usto aand be very verbal in my opinions beecause if i did that i would be no better than them but i still have a sence of humorand laugh at the worlf snd my self but i realise that everyone has their own cross to bare sne you or i dont really know the churimstances that made them as calus as they are but i feel for them too anyway try not to let your hart out there to be used and abused
i know the exxileration of being free enough to come out makes you feel like exploding and you want to be totaly honest with every one but be a bit more reserved and only be sure your feelings are proper as like with the old pharse i love you it may only be lip service and no real meaning just politeness i rearly say that to anyone i have recently started saying this to my mom after like 40 some years of never saying any thing like that as she just reached her 90th birthday so i say it with the same meaning as domost people as far as i am concerned just lipservice i hadent spoken to my parents fter leaveing home for like 30 years till they needed me to sgin some papers for them to get some money from child insurance and i never was out with my parents they just did not like the wy i lived my life since i did not want to live the life they had planned for me and be as ambisious as they felt was necessary abd that at a early age i had explained that it was my life not theres so i will do with it what ever i want not what they want so think about all this and try to not compleatly close to the world but just go with the flow and dont try so hard yes we have more freedon that we did before but they till think of us as silly sses nd feel there is no way two men could ever have a loveing and meaningfull relationship and we need to do that in order to be more accepted the more they her of gay couples being together longer it will just burn them up and prove that they are wrong in their belifes any way goodd luck on your sugery and speedy recovery and remember we all still love you and accept you in our family

oh man im so sorry to hear that. thats so horrible. you would think people would realize how much courage it takes to put those feelings into words. just dont let those guys get you down. not everyone is like that. cheer up Smile

today is just the same as the last. Your lady friend had a frank conversation with you and you can take it constructively or not. I suppose you talked to everyone on her list (bad) when you could have just ignored the whole thing.

Hi everyone.

First day after what happened

I was down. My mind was racing with a lot of questions. Heartbroken and more.

I took a monorail to go to work on that day. I then realized my female friend was in the monorail as well. But she didn't see me. We then reached our station. She still didn't see me when she stepped outside the monorail. I followed from behind walking slowly. I didn't have the strength to say hi to her.

She eventually saw me when both of us were about to cross a road. But I looked away. She understood the gesture and both of us walked separately.

I couldn't stop thinking about the whole thing whilst walking towards my office building. I thought maybe I can change my personality. I believe I can be mean and selfish too.

Once I reached my office building, I was greeted by one of the security guards with a warm smile. He waved at me. "Good morning, Mr. Jay."

'Don't smile, Jay...don't smile. Be mean." I said quietly to myself.

But I ended up smiling back as usual. "Good morning, boss. How are you doing?" I replied.

Then another security guard also greeted me with a smile. I replied him with a smile and with my typical morning greet, "Good morning, boss. How are you?"

My God, you suck at being a mean person.

It was 7.30 am. I was alone in my office as usual as our working hour starts at 10 am. I reach my office early because I like to go for a run before I start my work.

I changed to my running clothes. I did my warm up in our meeting room as the whole room is covered with glasses. I can see the city view beautifully from this room. Usually I dance for approximately 20 minutes in the meeting room after doing a warm up. But not on that day.

I just sat on chair with my head down closed to my knees. I felt tired. I was gloomy. Last thing I know, tears started to drip.

I don't have the power to 'fight' 6 guys plus the other workers in that company. How can I defend myself? How can I clear my name out?

Then I remember my female friend, who I walked away from that morning. I reached my Iphone and sent her a message. I apologized to her for walking away. I explained to her that I was too ashamed to talk to her. I told her that those guys hurt me a lot.

I then proceeded with my morning run.

Once finished, I returned back to my office building. I was again greeted by the other security guards, janitors, few work mates who work in the same office building and 2 workers who work in the lobby's convenience store.

I always stop by at the convenience store after my run to buy mineral water, milk and raisins for my morning oatmeal. The workers know my name and I know theirs. "Good morning, Jay. How was your run today?" One of them asked.

I replied. I also gave both of them a smile. A weak smile but hey, it was still a smile.

I kept thinking about the whole 'I want to be mean and selfish' thing whilst waiting for an elevator to go back to my office. I realized that I wasn't born to be that kind of person. I'm a nice guy. Horribly nice and can be utterly naive sometime. But that's just how I am and most people like me the way I am. If I change that means I am defeated by those scumbags. I just need to be more alert and be less naive.

That night, well after 12 am, I received a text from my female friend.

She apologized for the late reply as she was busy with her job. She asked me not to be sad. She asked me to be friends with people who can accept me as a person. She called those guys - pigs. She said pigs only know how to keep themselves dirty and others' around them. She also said that I don't need fake people in my life.

She gave me a call on the next day to ask how I was doing. We talked for a few minutes. I apologized to her once again for walking away on the other day. She asked me to continue to say hi to them if they say hi. Just to be polite.

I soon realized that I may have lost 6 so called friends but I have made and strengthened my friendship with one. That one friendship is much more worthy than the other 6.

I'm still confused and heartbroken. I still can't imagine how they were able to make fun of me behind my back. I can't understand why Chris can't confront me face to face. I don't understand why Chris must spilled off my letter to everyone in his office and tarnished my name. I don't know if Shawn and Nick are truly part of those scumbags because my heart tells me that both of them seem like nice guys. But then again, I'm not always right. People can be fake and be deceiving.

This whole stuff is hard for me to carry all by myself but life must go on. I have to do everything within my might to move on.

Nevertheless as I've said before, I am done with guys. At least for now. I would like to remain single for a year or two. Unless a miracle happens and suddenly Prince Charming appears. Then we'll talk.

Anyways thank you to everyone for your supports and warm wishes. I appreciate your advices and positive messages. I'm thankful to have you guys around when I'm in need.

Well I'll be heading to hospital tomorrow around 2 pm and off for a surgery on the next day at 8 am. My surgery will end at around 3 pm.

Take care everyone.

Signed on just to post that ^^^?

Jay one of the things you need to do is surround yourself with good people. The fact is you are not going up against 6 mean people by yourself. You do have the love and support of many good people.

True, few of us here can be at your side physically and use our canes on those terrible bastards... but we are with you in spirit.

It is easy to wallow in self pity, what is hard is to stand up, dust yourself off and continue with the rest of life.

You are hiding your light under a bushel... Stop it, you are denying all of us good folk from sharing your light. You took away your avatar picture here, have been staying away, a lot of us worry about you and how you are doing. You stole your light not just from the bastards of the world, but the rest of us too.

Being a mean bastard only works if you are only surrounded by mean people... What about the rest of us who depend on your kindness and warmth? Why are you going to punish us? What did we do?

We need your inspiration, your goodness, your motivation and kindness all of of that good stuff that we see in you. Your-gal friend needs you too.

Come back to us. Please. We need you.

I might be young but humiliation has always stalked me in my life. My most important advice to you is to be strong, and not show your self weak. I've had people chasing me, hunting me, desiring to hit me as I was quite of a social piranha in my junior high, it took time, but just by showing my self strong, that what they did to me wouldn't be worth brooding about, as they would else continue for the thrill of attention and fear. Haters always gonna hate. You can never close a chapter if you are stuck in between... Never let your guard down, but always walk forward past all obstacles on the way... Spit them in they´re face, it shows more then a hit

This is really sad to hear..
And the fact that you've been waiting is really a heartening thought, as there aren't many people left who seem to care about things like that, so please! Just stop and think about the emotions that drove you to do that, and know that while you may have run into such horrible, horrible attitudes here, there are (at Google's current estimate) 6,840,507,000 people on Earth right now. There IS SOMEONE OUT THERE FOR YOU!!!! It is literally, statistically impossible for there not to be someone out there for you!

I really hope that you can walk away from this situation, remembering the bad but embracing the good: you clearly have a strong support structure who are there for you, and you've also learned a bit more about the dating world. You are inexperienced, yes. And in all things, inexperience leads to bumps in the road.. but hey! You're just that little bit more experienced now, and hopefully you won't set yourself up for such heartache again! I don't know you very well, but even just from the few of your posts I've read so far, I can tell you that when you do find your "Mr. Right", he is going to be so wonderfully lucky to have you. Don't accept less than the best as you see it!

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