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Horribly Humiliating. I'm Losing Faith with People.
Prayers of strength and healing .

Sorry to hear that, Jay. All these things will pass. I do hope your surgery goes well.

Thinking of you, sending thoughts and good vibes.

Don't allow the carless actions of a few dishearten you and turn you cold. Let your wonderful caring personality shine on.

As for someone tarnishing your name, only your bad behavior can do that. You are not responsible for other people's actions, only how you respond to their actions.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

wow... im speachless. If I got a love letter from anyone I would be flattered, and I might return it with a nice response. I would never make fun of it. How can someone make fun of feelings of love? Those are some screwed up people.

As I've mentioned to Rainbowmum, I'm slowly recovering. I'm returning back to normal. Apparently I'm stronger than I think. I guess I was really born to be a badass.

I had horrible few days thanks to Chris and co. But those horrible days have to come an end. I will not let Chris and the other guys defeat me.

They are not worthy to be my friends.

I can promise you one thing. I'll be back twice stronger and more confident than what I am right now after my surgery.

Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:Signed on just to post that ^^^?

Jay one of the things you need to do is surround yourself with good people. The fact is you are not going up against 6 mean people by yourself. You do have the love and support of many good people.

True, few of us here can be at your side physically and use our canes on those terrible bastards... but we are with you in spirit.

It is easy to wallow in self pity, what is hard is to stand up, dust yourself off and continue with the rest of life.

You are hiding your light under a bushel... Stop it, you are denying all of us good folk from sharing your light. You took away your avatar picture here, have been staying away, a lot of us worry about you and how you are doing. You stole your light not just from the bastards of the world, but the rest of us too.

Being a mean bastard only works if you are only surrounded by mean people... What about the rest of us who depend on your kindness and warmth? Why are you going to punish us? What did we do?

We need your inspiration, your goodness, your motivation and kindness all of of that good stuff that we see in you. Your-gal friend needs you too.

Come back to us. Please. We need you.

Bowyn, I am alright now. Recovering but am alright. There are more important things for me to do then to cry and go depress. Yeah, I cried but I am done with that. I'm ready to move on.

As I've said before, I will not let Chris and his cronies have the last laugh. I will not let them destroy my life.

I can't post much right now because I'm rushing. I have to get ready to go to hospital in another 2 hours. I just got back from a bank to clear out my last month's credit card statement.

Again, thanks everyone for your supports and kind words. I truly appreciate it.

Anyway, I'm back.

[Image: Before--After04.jpg]

See you guys after the surgery. By all means in a week or two. I'll try to ask my good friend, Vincent to update my condition via Rainbowmum and Daz. I can't promise but I'll do my best.

Take care everyone.

Wow, I cannot imagine that. An adult behaving in such a manner as Chris in an office here would be called directly in to the managers office and told to clear out his desk immediately for lack of professionalism.

I hope your surgery goes well, Jay, and I'm glad to hear/read that you are coping well with what happened. It is never fun to be humiliated.

I'm glad to know Jay sucks at being a mean person.

The meek shall inherit the earth.


Jay...just have a few minutes here so I want to tell you that I am thinking of you and please stay strong and remember how long you have worked to get here...

...as for the other part...I will write to you privately. In the meantime keep your chin upConfusedmile:

Hey Jay!:biggrin:

I want to start off by saying that you are such a sweet and mature person. I am glad that you realize changing yourself is not the answer. There are many hateful people in this world and not as many loving and caring individuals like yourself. We need as many people on this earth that are just like you!

Reading your post reminded me a lot of myself. I have been in many situations like the one you talk about. I have been heartbroken to the point where it felt like someone had ripped out my heart because I was so naive. I can never imagine myself hurting anyone purposely or backstabbing someone. That is just not in my nature. I love to help as much as possible and be there for people if they need someone to talk to or help with anything.

At my job I take care of people with disability's and the lack of respect the coworkers have for each other is unbelievable. You would think that people who are in a field to help others would be caring and understanding. You would never think that most, not all but a big majority of those people would be conniving, manipulative, and backstabbing. Always trying to get each other fired just because some one is not in their "Click". Its very upsetting. It's like that movie "Mean Girls" minus the teens and add the adults. Its crazy to look at these people and see that some of these people have kids. Then I think no wonder there's so many kids bullying. These adults that act this way are not being a good role model.

I also have tried to lash out and be a mean person to. Not for revenge but, for a wall of protection to protect myself. But, when people would say hi to me and were nice, I just could not do it. It tore me up inside and hurt so much because I was turning into something I am not. You definitely need to stand up for yourself and sometimes you do have to get a little tough(Not Physical or to verbal but stand your ground and let them know you do not deserve the disrespect). My mother and my Grandpa both told me "Blake, you are to nice and if you do not stick up for yourself nobody will". They we're right! There were the few people that have and still will stick up for me but very few. Those are what you call GOOD FRIENDS.

So please just keep on keeping on LOL Laugh1 and know that there are people out there like yourself that are loving and caring. Look at your friend that told you about these fake people. She did the right thing. She showed you their true faces because she cares for you and was one of the very few who was looking out for you.:biggrin:

I wish you luck through your surgery and a speedy recovery. Anytime you need to feel free to send me a message if you feel comfortable. Take care and don't ever change you!!!!:biggrin:

I'm so sorry Jay. If someone treated one of my friends like that I would Greenchainsaw maim that stupid Chris. I have some idea of how you must feel, I've been betrayed by friends. you have to be a little more guarded about your private thoughts. But you must not stop letting people in and close off your heart for fear of getting hurt. I did this and it wasn't until I started trusting again that good things started to happen, like meeting real friends.
IMO corporate workplaces sometimes allow co- workers to band together and act like a giant mob of idiots. I know of a woman who got sick, and her co-workers used this as an opportunity to bad mouth her, spread lies (they said she was an addict), they completely decimated her reputation and after 15 years seniority, she ended up getting fired as a consequence. Not one of her so-called friends stood up for her, even when she pleaded with them for help. She was basically fired for getting sick. Well she sued her company and wom a hefty settlement.
She was completely alone, at least you have this woman, who had the guts to tell you what was going on.
Chris, Shawn, et al. will get their comeuppance in due time, it's called karma..
I wish I could be of more help. Stay strong. Remember to still let people in, just be more cautious about it.
Good luck with the surgery.Xyxwave

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