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Crush on a teacher
Anonymous Wrote:there also some others that are failing in his class.....and he doesn't ask them to stay after school and talk....

How do you know that?

Even if it were so there may be a difference between "slackers" and those who obviously have something that's keeping them from doing their best work, especially if they'd been doing fine before.

pontiacgp Wrote:ive got a crush on my chorus teacher when I went to school,ive added him on facebook and found out hes gay too,hes easily doubled my age thoughSad

You're twenty one, you're safe... However, chances are he's got someone in his life already.
Good luck finding your special someone.

Pix Wrote:That's extremely unlikely. I know some kids, even as old as 17, still think the entire world is obsessed with them and constantly judging and criticizing but most adults aren't anywhere as focused on you as your peers are (and chances are your peers in general don't care one way or another about you as much as you think, too, though many teens do like to "judge before I'm judged"). That is to say his feelings about you aren't anywhere as strong as yours are for him or even what other kids in school are for you.

What is hopefully (dare I say likely?) the case is that he's concerned about you because you're his job. This means he cares, but distantly. He's seen scores, perhaps hundreds, come through his classes, and you're just one more grain in the sand, here today and gone tomorrow. He wants you to get your act together and do well.

This doesn't mean he wants to punish you for failing at it, nor is he likely to cry if you fail despite his best efforts, but he would PREFER that you get your act together so that you can hopefully become an adult able to function in society and creating a life you can at least be content with. If he can help you, great. If he can't...that's too bad, but he's got so many kids to worry about.

Pix, as usual, you've nailed it. You really are great. Just wanted to tell you how clever you are. Bighug
Yes, a teacher will be likely to be concerned by his students doing as well as they can. We don't like slackers, but we are concerned if they are having issues that prevent them from focusing on their studies, and we can help to address those issues, sometimes, so that some new strategy can be settled on. Sometimes it requires us directing the student towards another body of competence, which is not academic... a nurse, a psychologist, a family planning unit etc...
Your suggestion of going to find a gay group to help with this problem sounded good to me. Wonder what Anonymous thinks.

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