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So confused.
Ok here it goes.
Some of you may remember a few of my threads a few months back about this man I was falling in love with etc.
Well there's a new twist that has confused me beyond a joke.
We went away together on the weekend and well on the first night we got a little bit to drunk :/ and well it seems I was less intoxicated than he was so I was taking care of him as I would for anyone of my friends or family.
Fast forward a few hours later we went for a walk to where he fell over into the water and became completely saturated so here I am fishing him out of the water and go back up grab him some clean fresh clothes and take him for a shower, after his all clean, warm and dressed again we head for the bed room along the way he looks at me with the most sincer face I've even seen on his bueatiful face and he tells me "I've passed" I ask him what he means by it but says ill tell you later (as we where around 4 other friends) so where finally in bed and I ask him again and all he tells me is that I've passed and he him self doesn't know what he means by it.
Ok so me with a few drinks down and my confidence booming through the roof I decided to tell him how I've truly felt about him for the past few months and I start to tear up while telling him all of this.
His just told me to look at him as we where laying there so I did still sobbing my eyes out thing he was going to reject me and again his face just had the most amazing look on it "my only way to explain it is true love" and he just said to me I love you and he himself starting sobbing and then we shared the most amazing passionate kiss weve ever had and slowly drifted to sleep in each others arms.
Fast forward to the morning he now has no recollection of what happened last night nor remembers our talk we had, nothing has changed in the way we would talk and he still felt comfortable around me for the next 2 days so I truly believe he just doesn't remember it.
But here I am heart strung just hoping what he told me was true and not just to make me feel better about myself and I just don't know how to bring up that subject again.
I'd really like some options on what you guys think of this but I'll give use a bit more info on "us"
Where completely monogamous
We both no longer use "protection" yes we've both been tested and I understand its now a trust issue.
We talk every day sometimes for hours on end.
We see each other 2-3 times a week with him staying over the night at least once a week.
He's told me he can't see a future without me in it and wants to pursue it.
Its now been over 1 year since we've met and we now have a 22 year age gap with me being the younger of us.
I'm just so confused and I hope that this post has made at least some sence.
Quote:"I've passed"

Sends mild chills down my neck but later you say:

Quote:We both no longer use "protection" yes we've both been tested and I understand its now a trust issue.

I would say he doesn't remember much, if any of the conversation while he was drunk, but still. When did he last test? Is that what he means by he's passed? I'd be digging into that straight away, then sorting the rest out later.
never take anything a drunk person says seriously:tongue: its a good chance that he really meant what he said but just didn't remember, try not to think about to long it sounds like your relationship is still going on well.

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